Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love me some Asian foods!

I went to the China City Buffet today and ate a couple of plates of deliciousness. I have to say that my favorite food is Asian food.  I like Mexican and I like Italian, but Asian is my weakness.

One time to prove to my love of Asian food to my wife I ate lo mein and egg rolls for a whole week.  If sushi didn't cost so dang much I would prove my love again, this time with sushi.  My birthday meal for the last five or so years has been sushi, the last two years have been to Nagoya.  I love that Nagoya Roll!

People always tell me that it doesn't keep them full.  I am not one that experiences this problem, maybe I eat too much of it in one sitting to effect me.  I don't even want to eat dinner right now and I finished lunch over five hours ago.  Although if someone said let's go to the china buffet for dinner I would grab my keys and say I'm driving.  I'm glad I don't hit the buffet up too often, I would be trying out for the Biggest Loser if I did.