Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Man I hate these people!

You know that idiot that races up past you when everybody knows that you have to merge.  Don't be that guy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That isn't a fair trade

The current series of Ford commercials bug me every time I see one.  The ones where they swap out your normal car for a brand new Ford of a similar model.  They get the family to help and they supposedly let the unsuspecting driver use a fancy new car for a week or so.

My problem lies in the fact that it seems they always give them the decked out model of the vehicle to use.  They are praising the back up camera, super SYNC system (alliteration for my wife).  The turn by turn GPS.  Well if you take my car away and let me use all those fancy gadgets, that I can't afford, of course I am going to love your vehicle.  They should be trading cars with all the same perks if they want to get a fair comparison.   Maybe they really wanted those perks in their car but they couldn't afford the extra ten or twenty grand so they just got AC and power locks.  If they have vehicles with the same perks then they are on equal ground to start from and just compare the actual cars and their drives and roominess and whatnot.  They do say something about the actual drive of the vehicle but it is lost in all the gadgets they talk about and praise.  Don't know why I care I just do.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1 Mile

  I just got done running one mile. I don't know when the last time I ran one mile just to run one mile was. I have played some basketball where I may have covered a whole mile of running, but then again I was playing basketball. I have used the elliptical for a mile, but that is way easier than actual running. I inline skated a mile or biked a mile, but I can't count those since they have wheels.
  I have been doing some regular working out for the past few months and doing some good getting in shape. I was never really a big runner, but I had to run in all the sports that I played so I used to be able to run fairly well (not breaking any records or anything). I even had to run in track and field when my area of expertise was in the field throwing shot and discus. Somewhere along the line I heard May was national runners' month, I think Dick's Sporting goods may have invented it to sell shoes, but hey it got me motivated to do some running. I decided that I was going to run everyday in the month of May. Well on day two that was foiled by the flu, I wanted to run but I don't think I would have made it very far. I am not going to let that stop me from doing it the rest of the month. I started the journey on Saturday with a run around my block, which according to google maps is .61 miles. So far in four days I have logged 2.22 miles. Yesterday I ran my block again even though it was raining, I'm such a trooper. Today I took it inside to the health center indoor track and ran nine laps, which is one mile. Nine laps on the indoor track seemed so long just last week, but when I compared it to once around my block it didn't seem so far.
  Tomorrow I have a basketball game so I am not quite sure how long of a distance I should run. I don't want to count the game as my running since it isn't running just to run. We will have to see how the game goes to decide.