Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remember that one post?

You know that one post from way back in the day.  Yeah the last one that I made as a matter of fact.

Well in that one I talked about our rain barrel and it was full and we didn't have anything to water.  Well it is still full and it probably has spent more time overflowing than it has been used to water stuff.  It overflows even faster now that I cleaned the gutters too.   I even had to just drain it into the street one day.  We have had soooooooo much rain it is crazy!  I have used it on the inside plants and the one outside that is under the porch roof but they don't need enough water to keep up with the rain.  Little b has had fun filling a bowl and dumping it causing a "big mess" in on the back patio but even he gets bored with that well before it is empty.  Maybe I should filter it and bottle it and sell it at the Quik E Mart, I am sure it will sell faster than the rain can keep up with.