Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My roots are showing.

I have been eating bananas a lot recently and I started eating my bananas upside down.  Not me hanging upside down, the banana is the one upside down.  Maybe if I could grip a branch with my feet I would be upside down, but I don't have monkey toes.
 If you grip a banana just so,  you can peel it usually easier than grasping the stem and pulling.  Sometimes when the banana is getting extra ripe the stem part practically just falls off and I just peel it that way.  When the banana is less ripe pinching the bottom and pulling is the easiest route into the delicious inside.

Someone told me this is how the monkeys do it.  I tried it this way and discovered these monkeys really know what they are doing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I hate my garbage can

We recently bought a new garbage can for our kitchen, and boy did we make a bad choice in can lids.  I didn't really know that the lid would be a problem, but it is totally annoying.  It is one of those swing top cans, exactly like this:

The lid swings up or pushes down, which seemed fine at the store but....

There is no way to prop it up or no little pedal to step on to lift it, so if you have to scrape out a pan or a plate you have to take the whole damn thing off.  If you have crusty hands from handling raw chicken or something you don't want to be lifting the lid and spreading the salmonella around.  Then when you pre-plan and take it off early your little tyke decides to play with the new "toy" on the ground, eww gross.

If the garbage is getting kind of full it will get stuck on it and it won't swing back into place.  I know this might be time to switch out the bags, but there  is so much room left in the bags I feel I am wasting perfectly good garbage bag space.  Also if the can is too close to the wall and you push it down the back part of the swing top hits the wall and sticks it open too.

Never did I think that there would be this much hatred for a trash receptacle, but there is.  I think this can will be retired to the basement, and a new one will be used in the high use kitchen area.