Monday, March 22, 2010

Feel good story!

What do most people do when they loose their job?  Well I think they would save their money and budget themselves to make it through some tough times.  Well not Reed Sandridge, he gives money to the needy.  He decided to give away ten dollars a day for a year to random people he doesn't know, story here.  His mom told him you need to give back when times are the toughest, so he is.  He is using some savings and unemployment to get by himself and help others.  He doesn't look for a specific person to help, some have jobs some don't, some are street performers.  He started a blog, here, to tell all about the people he helps.  His blog also has a page where you can lend a helping hand as well, some of the people that he helps could use even more help on top of the $10, like a new pair of shoes or a suit to wear to an interview.  His efforts seem like a whole job in itself, but I hope he finds a job so he can afford to keep giving for the whole year, and maybe longer too. Go Reed go!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I look good in a bass

This weekend I went to my friend B-Rad's for his birthday party.  There was grilling, beer pong and Beatles Rock Band.  There was also a little music playing.  I didn't do much playing but B-Rad taught me a few notes to play together and I tried, and I failed a lot.  He does have a sweet orange bass, that I would totally want if I knew what the heck I was doing.  I was much better at the beer pong part of the evening.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why did I eat too much?

Last evening we decided that nothing in the house would cure our hunger so we went out for some steaks.  We haven't been to Outback in forever, literally.  We used to go there on a fairly regular basis, but we have been being good and cooking our own dinner.

The only problem I have ever had there is eating too much food.  I do it just about every time and I know that going into the restaurant.  I sit there and look at the menu and think I should just get the 10oz ribeye and not the 14oz.  When the waitress stands there and I make my order I say the 14oz every time.  My mind is thinking one thing but my stomach must take control of my mouth and say it for me.  I guess my stomach must have short term memory.  It also yells at me every time that I leave "why did you eat so much food?!"

I know, I know I don't have to eat every thing on my plate.  Well I can blame this on my parents for making me always clean my plate.  If I get it I eat it, totally my parents fault, not mine.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bloggers Block

I know what you are all thinking, "you can't have writers block already!"  Well nothing good is coming to me now that I have officially started a blog.  My wife has stopped saying, "that would be a good blog post," I guess that is because I haven't said anything blog worthy for over a week.  There were a whole bunch of things that were "worthy" of posts before I started it up, of course I can't think of them now.  I have read about this phenomenon of having an idea then forgetting it when you have a chance to write it, but I never thought that it would effect me.  I promise there will be posts  in the future and I won't take such long breaks in between them.

Until later,