Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ready to become a Warrior

At least as ready as I will be for the Warrior Dash this Sunday.  For some odd reason I have decided to subject myself to some torture and run the Warrior Dash.  I am going to be good and the beer drinking after the Dash, I have been training for that one for years and never quit.  The running part on the other hand I don't know about.  I spent many years not running, unless I had to beat someone to the fridge for the last beer.
The last time I ran in a organized event was in college, the first group of years in school, when I ran in the Beta500.  It was a relay race that you had to push a cart that a person rode on and steered.  It was a big deal to a lot of fraternities and sororities, besides mine, so we decided to try and make some waves.  We put together a team and trained, sprints, distance running, handing off the cart.  We had to borrow a cart when most of the other groups had their own. We took third and surprised a bunch of people.  Before that event I ran the "Fat Mans Relay" in Track and Field in High School.  The relay was all the discus and shot putters running the 4X100.  It didn't really count for anything but pride for the big guys.  One team was promised free pizza for a victory, they didn't get it our "fat men" weren't so fat.
So when my friend Bob (friend status may change mid-race) said, "Are you interested?"  Why wouldn't I say yes?  I have been exercising and getting fit anyway. Umm... yeah, getting fit, and running 3.1 miles in the July heat over and under obstacles aren't the same thing.  I must have been delusional thinking it would be fun.
I will probably get tricked into doing the September 10th one also, as long as they wait for the memory and pain to fade.

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  1. You didn't mention fire. There will be fire at this race. And mud. I hope the mud is after the fire.

    If they are selling pics, buy them!