Friday, September 16, 2011

I finally know someone

I know someone that tried out for one of those talent shows. The guy plays with a college roommate of mine and I have seen them play a few time and partied with them a few more times.  Here is a promo trailer where he is flashed up there for about a second at 15 seconds in shortly after they say "We are here to find a superstar." That is his gravelly voice singing at that point.

This is the guy:

His name is Josh Krajcik, pronounced like magic but with a Kr instead of m.  He is a great singer and guitarist.  They did well in a battle of the bands contest in Cleveland a couple years ago and one of the judges compared him to a new Stevie Ray Vaughan, article here.  Of the bands my roommate played with (that I heard) this is the one that I thought would have the best chance of making it.  They made a couple CDs I enjoy them both, they are on Amazon and iTunes

The internet rumors say that he made the top 32 on the show.  I wasn't planning on watching but I will be now, and voting.  I do hope he does well.

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