Monday, September 19, 2011

Internet, sweet internet!

Just got my internet hooked up at my house so instead of heading back to work I am writing a blog post. One thing I didn't think about when buying a country house was the internet situation. We aren't all that far from town so I was thinking that I would just call up Time Warner or someone else and have them hook us up. Well even if they served the people right across the street they probably wouldn't serve us since we are over 300 yards off the road. We wouldn't generate them enough income to run that wire for one house. I checked out mobile hotspots from verizon and sprint and they got good reviews but they capped the amount of data and charged lots of money once you went over. Then a friendly coworker pointed out Amplex, they are for rural northwest Ohio.  As long as you have a good line of site to one of their towers you are golden.  I guess I have a great line of site and the network admin uses the same tower.  I doubt that tower will have to many problems, and any that they do arise on that end they will be fixed promptly.  My coworker who has the same service has told me their customer service is excellent so all problems will probably be fixed quickly anyway.  It is still nice to know that the folks use the same service so they will want the best for themselves.
I will probably be surfing late tonight to catch up on everything.  Maybe I will blog extra too.


  1. You are silly. And maybe addicted.

  2. For someone who has the internet at home, you don't blog much.